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To best furnish your home laundry means getting the maximum functionality without sacrificing style. Discover Archeda solutions.

The laundry bathroom furniture of the Laundry collection

Have a space to use as a home laundry is undoubtedly a great fortune. But to make the most of this fortune, it is necessary to choose the right furniture, which will allow you to obtain the highest degree of functionality and ergonomics and at the same time make l’ appealing environment from an aesthetic point of view.

Archeda have worked on a project that allows us to create numerous and different solutions for every need: the Laundry collection. Sturdy furnishings characterized by a modern elegance that also passes through a rich range of colors available; it is chosen between neutral shades and brighter and lively ones.

Solutions also for small spaces

Is there a very small environment in your home, unused, and you wonder if it could be turned into a laundry? We invite you to discover all our space-saving solutions and in the meantime we want to give you some examples: we offer double shelving, which allows you to take advantage of heights and verticality overlapping the washing machine and the dryer.

We offer shelves with multipurpose accessories and containers, container mirrors, bathroom laundry units suspended with depth reduced and equipped with drawers; even two-depth solutions with inclined basins (and in this's the last case the washing machine is recessed in the interior of the base) and column bridges and wall units under which the washing machine is housed.

The materials we have chosen

The laundry is an environment in which water is constantly used and in which the humidity is always present for obvious reasons. Consequently, for the related furnishings it is necessary to use materials that are not only solid and durable, but that cannot be damaged by the aforementioned elements.

For the laundry bathroom furniture of our Laundry collection we have chosen laminate, Hpl laminate, lacquer, melamine and glass. As far as the first two are concerned, the common characteristics are resistance (even to impacts, scratches and abrasions), non-porosity and compactness.

The best aesthetic taste

We have eliminated the base, in order to increase the capacity of the bases. And developed systems that offer maximum capacity in the face of reduced dimensions. Among the proposals in the Laundry collection you will find practical and customizable modular aluminum shelves that lighten the overall visual impact; washing machine columns and half-columns and equipped broom-holder columns; corner columns.

Columns with laundry basket, pull-out baskets and clothes-holding tubes or equipped with shelves; chests of drawers on wheels that match washing machine benches; cabinets with hinged doors; monoblock vanity units also composed of a space intended for the installation of the washing machine. Our experts are at your disposal to identify the composition that best meets your needs.

The space organized in the laundry

Do not miss the open glass containers, for a touch of class. The key thing, you're about to find out, is the possibility to divide and at the same time strategically connect the washing and the containment area.

For those who know their job well like us and make use of the più professionals; experts and creatives, compactness is not a limit. Indeed, it becomes an opportunity snd we will prove it to you.

Why choose Archeda bathroom furniture for laundry

The Hpl laminate is obtained through a high pressure stratification process, so it is even more robust of the Cpl laminate and easily treated. The lacquered is a panel of medium-density wood fibers more delicate if compared to the laminate but which allows infinite possibilities with regard to the finishes; we work it so as to bring its performance to the maximum level.

Melamine is produced with various layers of chipboard pressed and covered with a paper impregnated with melamine resin; it is light but reliable and durable, it's cheaper than other materials, does not fear the moisture and is a sample of versatility. The glass is synonymous of style and luminosity, if you never thought it was possible to use it for the laundry, now you know we managed to make it extremely solid and safe and therefore also suitable for this environment.

Practical and useful laundry basins

And let's get to the sinks. We offer you the possibility to choose between the traditional ceramic, which never disappoints, and the new Tekorlux, a material obtained from the mix of natural mineral fillers and polyester resin and covered with a glossy technical enamel film; its physical and chemical resistance is really remarkable.

The sinks in the Laundry collection are mostly built-in or semi-recessed, but for those who love originality and creativity we also offer countertop washbasins. What's about the laundry? Lawful question. Well, we will show you how we can re-shape the aesthetic sense of the laundry while preserving all its fundamental functionality. The Laundry collection is one of our flagship.