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Our Archeda bathroom cabinets are ergonomic systems made with the best materials and composed of different storage solutions.

Solid, functional and design furnishings

Our bathroom furniture on the floor is l’ ideal for those who have a penchant for classic style but at the same time undergoes the charm of a più mood; modern: we at Archeda propose numerous systems characterized by an original design that combines tradition and innovation for results all&rsquo, a sign of a’ perfect harmony.

You choose between models with bases consisting of a single block that rests directly on the floor and models equipped instead with elegant legs: the first solution allows you to take advantage of all the available space up to ’ last centimeter; the second makes l’ più environment; airy and dynamic.

The best materials and hundreds of finishes

We are più demanding of you. Ed è this is the reason why we make our bathroom furniture on the floor exclusively with the best materials and più performers. And latest-generation materials such as Hpl laminates. We like to experiment, too. And so for the production of some furniture we used glass, obtaining results that exceed the best expectations.

Not only. We can serenely affirm that one of the keys to our success è l’ incredible varietyà of finishes available. They are hundreds. That you like the shadesà più bright and lively or those più soft and discreet, whether you prefer natural colors, bright and shiny or opaque ones, you will have in any case l’ spoiled for choice.

The most varied containment solutions

In today's homes, space must often be taken into account. This concerns all the environments that compose them, including the bathrooms. It is therefore essential to find furnishings that are not very bulky and at the same time have a remarkable capacityà containment.

Well, è just the characteristic that unites our bathroom cabinets by Archeda.
The functionalityà of which we are proud, we want to emphasize, goes hand in hand with a ’ extreme care for l’ visual impact.

A wide range of washbasins

One of the main components of the bathroom furniture è the sink. Which not only è indispensable, as far as it is concerned; and must be considered a piece of furniture, which dà a significant contribution to the stylistic characterization of the entire 26-rsquo. In our catalog you will find floor cabinets with built-in washbasins, countertop washbasins or semi-recessed washbasins. The former can be traced back to both classic and più models; modern, others are perfect representatives of contemporary design. From ceramics to porcelain stoneware, materials are always synonymous with qualityà ;, we assure you. And l’ ergonomics è the common thread among all the proposals, becauseé we also want to guarantee maximum comfort.

Which opening do you prefer?

We are complete in everything, even with regard to openings. The doors of our bathroom furniture on the floor open with the classic handles, if your preferences go in this direction, or have openings to the throat hidden from view and ambassadors of practicalityà ;. Or, again, you can opt for a furniture with push& pull, l’ option più modern and innovative.

Great attention also for accessories

Choosing our products means choosing beautiful, functional and even complete furnishings. Our bathroom furniture on the floor, in fact, is equipped with both mirrors and lighting sources. We give you the idea, for example by combining a round mirror rather than a rectangular one and two hanging lamps, but you will always have the last word.

And the final decision will beà yours. We anticipate that, even in this case, the choice è very vast. The composition of your dreams will takeà shape in a way that perfectly meets your expectations.

Our catalog of bathrooms on the ground

l catalog è composed of several collections designed and designed to satisfy the più different tastes. Do you want to furnish the bathroom in a vintage style, do you like the shapes and lines inspired by the ages gone by and also the rich decorations? The Dec-26 collection records, then, you conquerà without reserve.

Do you like modern style, especially industrial style? The furniture from the Seta range is for you. Do you think that wood has no equal when it comes to aesthetics? Focus on the Quaranta5 collection. But these are only a few examples: the world of Archeda è vast and all to discover.

Many ideas at our stores!

Perché even the l’ aesthetic must always retain a leading role. Which solution do you prefer? The traditional drawers, solid and durable, or the drawers, that with their clean surfaces s’ frame in that minimalism today so appreciated and in vogue? You like shelves and shelves, you find that they are extremely practical and that you leave some objects lì on display, is a way to personalize the bathroom and make it più cheerful? Do you prefer the alternation of closed spaces and open spaces? Whatever your answer, we also have answers for you. Which will give you great satisfaction.