Customizable, elegant, impeccable, the glossy lacquered free-standing bathroom furniture represent a timeless furnishing solution, which does not fear the passing of the fashions of the moment, always being practical and versatile as well as aesthetically beautiful.

Let's discover the style of the bathroom furniture on the ground in glossy lacquer

How can we define the design of the bathroom furniture on the ground in glossy lacquer? Let's see some different style solutions:

  • classic and elegant taste: the base touches the ground by means of a recessed plinth or low feet and is presented with shiny metal handles with an easy grip and with a clear and shiny finish, generally in shades of white. Rounded and important volumes, contrasting top made of wood or marble-effect stoneware and semi-recessed or countertop ceramic washbasin;
  • minimal and essential mood: usually monochromatic and geometric, this modern bathroom furniture system has handles recessed in the doors, integrated tubs and the absence of accessories and decorations. The only element that stands out is the brightness of the varnished wood.

What are the characteristics of lacquered wood in a glossy finish

Let's get to the heart of the technical part, identifying the distinctive elements that make the glossy lacquered wood of the bathroom furniture on the ground unique:

  • high aesthetic quality: the different coats of paint that cover the wooden panels of the sink base units cover all surfaces in a uniform and homogeneous way. The absence of joints and discontinuities represents one of the strengths of this finish to which the brilliance and mirroring of the glossy lacquer are added;
  • chromatic customization: the possibility of creating a custom-made piece of furniture is another winning feature, because it is possible to make the furniture composition take on one of the infinite colors of the RAL scale, creating contrasting or tone-on-tone solutions;
  • durability and resistance: even if considered a delicate and precious finish, if the wood is painted in a workmanlike manner using quality raw materials, the color remains stable over time and does not scratch easily.

3 striking combinations with glossy lacquered bathroom furniture systems

How to combine the ground bases in glossy lacquer with the support surface?
Let's find out which materials and finishes go best with varnished wood furniture:

  • wooden base and glass top, both glossy white lacquered: an evergreen solution that never goes out of fashion is to choose glossy white bathroom furniture. Opt for the refined aesthetics of the lacquer and the aesthetic and practical characteristics of the glass, both with a glossy and brilliant finish, an elegant and impeccable choice in style;
  • marble-effect stoneware top and tone-on-tone furniture: if you want to aim for a sumptuous and exclusive elegance, the advice is to combine thin stoneware slabs with a material texture that trace the beauty of the most precious marbles and volumes on the ground shining in a harmonious color combined with that of the top;
  • brightly colored base and opaque top in white Tecnoril : for a bathroom under the sign of non-conformism and chromatic creativity, a beautiful solution is to choose a vitamin and bright tone for doors and drawers to combine with an impeccable countertop in synthetic material with a matte finish .

3 mistakes not to be made in the maintenance of these furnishing programs

The bathroom furniture on the ground in glossy lacquer require small precautions during the cleaning phases of the house. Here's what not to do:

  • especially for white and light surfaces, on which the stains are more evident, the dirt must never be allowed to act for a long time, because this could penetrate deeply and indelibly stain the furniture;
  • no to the use of solvents, acids and denatured alcohol, they could create halos and ruin the gloss of the base which could take on a rough and opaque appearance. If in doubt about the effectiveness of a particular detergent, it is always advisable to do a small test on a hidden corner of the cabinet;
  • do not leave wet surfaces after washing. Best to dry carefully using microfiber cloths.