Bombo Mineralmarmo

Bathroom furniture


Comp_7 concludes Bombo collection Archeda with major presence of his column, which is distinguished by the intensity of the finish Grey Oak, who is ...

Modern Bathroom Furniture


It gives the bathroom a refined appearance Comp_6 the composition, which Archeda created for Bombo collection. delicate colors and glossy finish for ...

Bathroom Furniture Suspended


Vanity unit Comp_2 of Bombo collection Archeda is simple and elegant, with delicate aplomb showing her soft curves and furnishing the bathroom with ...



The Mineralmarmo a very versatile composite material that thanks to its characteristics can be used as the top bathroom material. Its surface can be slightly rippled to remember the natural stones like slate, or it can be smooth and monochromatic, or slightly blurred. Inside the Bumblebee collection, different are the compositions which have top Mineralmarble, since, in addition to having aesthetic qualities of high levels, the material also has characteristics of resistance and durability of really relevant.