Laundry furniture Open pore lacquered

Mobile pe Bathroom


Revolutionizes the laundry area Comp_11 the composition of bathroom furniture for laundry, with which Archeda has decided to end the modern and ...

Portable Toilet


A modern decor and coordinated what Archeda bathroom summarized in Comp_10, the collection of the Laundry Laundry furnishing. Elm and Hazel Matt ...

Modern Bathroom Furniture


Essential and designed for small spaces, in which current and neutral finishes are suitable for any style, composition of mobile laundry Comp_4, ...


Open pore lacquered

The laundry modern furniture in lacquered wood open pore of the Laundry collection are characterized by the particular processing wood panels, which form the functional elements of the collection, which occurs with the application of a layer of paint which leaves visible the natural shades of the wood, highlighting its many veins, his eventual nodes and its porosity, thus creating a very natural-looking surface. Color and matericit of the wood in a single quality of product.