Handle System cement resin

for Bathroom Furniture

Comp_5 essences

This bathroom cabinet Essences Program Handle the ideal element for a modern bathroom of modest size, which is equipped with bases with drawers and ...

Bathroom furniture

Comp_8 essences

In this composition Essences high and spacious bases, home to rooms with doors and drawers, for maximum versatility. The integrated sink deeper and ...

bathroom Suspended

Comp_9 essences

Within the program we handle this mobile suspended bath essences, with a characteristic semi recessed sink and base units with drawers and pull-outs, ...

Bathroom Furniture Suspended

Comp_14 essences

The line Essences seen in this composition of the system handle the presence of bases with drawers and chests of drawers, a built-in sink and a ...

Portable Toilet

Comp_18 essences

A pale-colored Window covers continuity with the sinuous lines of this composition Essences. From the System Handle you can find this mobile bathroom ...

bathroom Suspended

Klass Comp_21

Archeda by creating Comp_21 Klass, inserted in the collection handle, d space in harmonic sober and elegant color combinations and bathroom furniture ...

Modern Bathroom Furniture

Klass Comp_25

The original asymmetry Comp_25 Klass decorates with originality your modern bathroom starring Archeda. The bathroom cabinet with storage is a ...


cement resin

The functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom furniture compositions of the handle system can be further enhanced by top in cement resin. The concrete resin used to coat the tops of sinks, a mortar material and tactile creating pleasant chromatic shades on the top surface. The colors available from catalog are different and matched to the finish of the furniture the bathroom collection. The resin cement also a hygienic material, durable and can be easily maintained.