Handle System Semi recessed basin

Portable Toilet Suspended

Klass Comp_26

Born for the modern bathroom this composition of the Handle System. The bathroom cabinet Klass, enriched with columns and hanging piece of furniture ...

Bathroom Cabinet

Comp_19 essences

Essences line of Handle Program presents this furniture bathroom with bases, placed on the ground, fitted with drawers, doors and drawers and wall ...

bathroom Suspended

Comp_9 essences

Within the program we handle this mobile suspended bath essences, with a characteristic semi recessed sink and base units with drawers and pull-outs, ...

Portable Toilet

Comp_3 essences

Between Handle Program, this composition Essences is the version by the soft tones and volumes with important bases with doors and drawers and the ...

Furniture for bathroom

Comp_2 essences

Among the furniture bath essences, this composition of Handle Program provides a mix of bases with doors and drawers and wall units and columns of ...


Semi recessed basin

A discreet presence, a slight buoyancy, that of the semi-recessed basin, which with its volume in emerging part draws the shape of the tank on the support surface. The catalog of bathroom furniture collection Handle System shows various models of semi-recessed sinks. Models of contemporary sinks and thoroughly modern design that pairs perfectly with the furnishing compositions of bathroom furniture collection.