Handle System Washbasin support

for Bathroom Furniture

Klass Comp_22

Klass of the model we present these bathroom furniture, characterized by a design that gives a nod to elegant retro references without ever losing sight of the perfect functionality of the bases with drawers.

Bathroom furniture

Comp_17 essences

An imposing top in Nordic Natural with sink in support, meets a strong and matt lacquer, graphite lining the bases with doors and drawers, in this composition Essences of Handle System.

Furniture for bathroom

Comp_11 essences

The bathroom furniture line of the handle Program Essences has a washbasin support and base units with drawers and doors, Bosco color, as well as of the same tone are the pillars and furniture cabinets.

Portable Toilet

Comp_10 essences

The sophisticated and original sink in support Aramis protagonist in this composition Essences handle the program, wherein the part containment breakthrough capacious bases with drawers and drawers.

for Bathroom Furniture

Comp_5 essences

This bathroom cabinet Essences Program Handle the ideal element for a modern bathroom of modest size, which is equipped with bases with drawers and made elegant by the beautiful sink in support.

Bathroom Cabinet

Klass Comp_27

Comp_27 Klass embellishes the collection handle, bathroom furniture created by Archeda, both with the natural beauty of the tops in oak, which with the rhythmic alternation of containers and compartments.


Washbasin support

In a furniture project designer bathroom, the sink, with its shape, its material and its position, plays an important role. The Handle System, with its series of furniture for the modern bathroom, you can choose between different types of washbasins in support. The sink in support, with its obvious forms and geometries, absolute protagonist of the bathroom, rising to focal point and centerpiece of the composition. Its position can be central with respect to the supporting plane, for a perfect symmetry of the geometry, or it can be located in decentralized position, to create a greater sense of movement and dynamism.