Bathroom furniture:

Bathroom cabinet Comp_2

The laundry area has never been so equipped. With Comp_2, the composition of bathroom furniture for laundry made from Archeda and inserted in the collection Laundry, can organize the area of u200bu200bthe house dedicated to domestic cleaning as functional to the laundry. The composition sees the wash, deep and roomy, made Tekorlux, recessed in the top made of 60 mm thick HPL laminate, in a modern and candid Sasso finish. In the block of the basin c 'place for practice suspended base, which for the washing machine, while the organization of linen, gowns and accessories for cleaning, dedicated the series of columns, equipped internally with a multitude of accessories. The handles of the doors are essential in form but in the handle comfortable, while the finish of the cabinet of a topical Avio matte color.

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