Bathroom furniture:

Comp_5 bathroom furniture

Full volumes that alternate with empty spaces, rhythmic alternation of light and shadow, aesthetics and functionality come together in Comp_5, bathroom furniture designed for the area of u200bu200bthe house dedicated to washing laundry and household cleaning. The composition, born from the creativity of Archeda and set in the collection of furniture Laundry Laundry, stands out for its equipped base with drawers and doors, above which the top Tekorlux hosts the large built-in wash-basin on the floor, model Q. to characterize the storage space, and super-equipped operative combination columns and shelf, the latter designed to accommodate overlapping washing machine and dryer, as well as shelves and multipurpose shelves. The columns, as well as shelves shelving and doors of the base, are enlivened by a current hue opaque Sea, interspersed with white details.

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