Light Evolution

bathroom Suspended


The bathroom Comp_20 suspended, within the Light Evolution collection, is characterized by simple and clean lines. closed elements are mixed with open compartments, creating a simple and elegant composition, which can keep everything at hand. In all with the quality and detail finely manicured typical Archeda.

double-hung bathroom


The bathroom cabinet suspended twice _21 Comp inside the sophisticated Light Evolution collection is characterized by the console cleverly combined two-deep in Unika pottery and large drawers, with thin handles and minimal but at the same time comfortable, allowing easy opening from any position.

Furnishing the bathroom


The rich collection presents Comp_22 Evolution Light, compact and clean ceramic composition characterized by hand-washing with side valves and base can be equipped with side-open element, capable of containing and better organize all the products for daily hygiene. To complete the line, the original composition of wall units and open compartments m

wall-hung toilet


Comp_23, large, spacious and minimalistic composition of suspended bathroom furniture modern style, inside the Light Evolution collection, it is noted for the console with double sink and the base consists of two large drawers, all accompanied by mirrors with integrated container and by an original composition of wall units and elements per day.

integrated sinks


Inside the Light Evolution collection, Comp_24 the broad and capacious composition well designed and functional, capable at the same time to decorate with style and practicality modern bathrooms. The console elegant asymmetry and vanity sink suspended accompanied by slender columns and compartments and a mirror with enlarger.

Mobile wooden bath


Original, miniale and colorful, it is cos Comp_25, composition with movable wooden and lacquered bathroom and colorful furnishings, inside the Light Evolution collection. geometric and formal cleaning lines connote both the wall units and open elements that the base composition of the ceramic tank, characterized by a natural lime finish.

bathroom furniture


The Light Evolution collection features Comp_26, the composition of bathroom furniture furniture dressing with elegance and contemporary functionality domestic environments. Wood finishes play chromatically with open units in lacquered fabric, creating original ritmicit within modern bathrooms.

Portable Toilet Suspended


The washbasin Tecnoril Lord in Comp_27 elegantly supported by an important top in larch dolphin. To complete this essential composition of Evolution Light line contributes a mobile suspended bathroom, which is divided between a practical item container and a white compartment.

Mobile Suspended


Sobriety, rhythmic and colorful game of empty and full of Light distinguish Comp_28 Evolution collection. Practicality and aesthetics come together in the cabinet Suspended bathroom, on which the top in sandblasted glass peacock color with integrated basin. A geometric mirror with magnifying enriches the composition.

bathroom furniture


Light Evolution with its original and minimal collection of bathroom furniture, has Comp_29, a very comfortable and elegant composition characterized by both the cabinet with four drawers that serves as base to the console with integrated basin, which by matt lacquered columns, terminated with a rangy element day with contrasting finish.

bath laminate


Comp_30 within the Light Evolution collection is characterized by the presence of a glass console with integrated basin supported by a mobile with a large dresser and geometric. All it complemented by a simple composition that alternates vertical wall unit and open compartment in lacquered fabric, a contrasting shade.

bathroom bathroom


Comp_31 within the Light Evolution collection, finds its strength in the linear, geometric and elongated composition, and with reduced thickness, allows you to hold and organize everything needed for daily hygiene, in an elegant rhythmic alternation of colors and combinations of solids and voids.


Light Evolution, for a minimal chic bathroom

Archeda to furnish with extreme refinement current bathrooms d life to Light Evolution, a collection of bathroom furniture characterized by essential shapes, unusual combinations of materials and finishes, and very functional furnishings, ideal for organizing and arranging everything necessary for the person's daily comfort. Light Evolution born to amaze and capture the look, with its highly attractive color combinations and for the purity of its volumes, as well as essential as aesthetically fascinating. To personalize with your own unique style bathroom setting you can choose from one of the 34 colors in the catalog glam Archeda to make unpublished tissues of compartments that are part of the many decorative compositions.