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Our history

FOUNDED IN 1996, Archeda has always been a company where the main philosophy is led by a strong sense of morality. At the centre of every project there is the will to create new emotions, working on shapes and design, researching the quality of materials and their treatments, respecting the needs of ergonomics and functionality.

Philosophy / Mission

The coherence of this idea has been demonstrated by the important growth of our reality in recent years, in terms of volume of business and technological innovation. The production of bathroom furniture, accessories and complements takes place in a 4000 square meters area, with a distribution network consisting of various stores specialized in the field.

Design and realization Made in Italy

Archeda has always fought in order to support and develop the Made in Italy concept and value, well aware of the cultural heritage that this entails. Italian design is recognizable all over the world, since it combines the taste for excellent raw materials with a unique design, which meets and satisfies every type of environment and personal need. For these reasons, Archeda is proud to be a well-rounded Italian company.

Reliability of the product

The Italian design combined with continuous researches about materials and products, make Archeda a leading company in the production of bathroom furniture. More than ever, nowadays the bathroom furniture is an essential component of everyday life and Archeda is on the avant-garde with regard to the study of new furnishing trends of style and functionality, enriching the new collections with modern and attractive lines, then combined with technological components which can ensure the durability of every product.