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The suspended bathroom furniture are the flagship of our catalog: they have reduced dimensions, are spacious and versatile. Design will conquer you.

Suspended bathroom furniture

Versatile proposals for every need

Suspended bathroom furniture is our strong point. We boast a rich and varied catalog, which concretizes the best expressions of modern and classic style, which responds to più strict functional requirementsà ;, praticità and ergonomics.
Which in all cases guarantees the comfort you are looking for.

The Gola system è composed of the Linea, Tulle and Gola collections. The distinctive feature of Linea è furniture; rigor, aesthetic cleanliness. Characterized by drawers with throat opening, they are compact, light and at the same time impressive blocks. The materialityà è enhanced by finishes that match natural and neutral colors; colors that recall l’ elegance of woods and natural stones.

A collection entirely dedicated to vintage lovers

For those who have a penchant for the retr&style style, for the lines and shapes inspired by the furniture of the gone ages, we propose instead the Dec-26 -ographic collection: we have created a perfect match between this aesthetic that leads back to the past and the concept of typical suspension instead of our time and we say it without false modesty.

Seeing is believing. Also admired, for example, as the cement tiles and decorated tiles are enhanced by Betacryl tubs, by open compartments, by bases with drawers.

From the timeless wood to the latest generation materials

The charm of wood never sets. And not è quite true, as some believe, that this material is not suitable for an environment characterized by frequent use of water and a constant humidityà like the bathroom.
With the right treatments, with an ad hoc process, the limit in question does not exist and we at Archeda concretely demonstrate it with the furniture of the Quaranta5 collection, modern and vigorous.

For its realization we have used the best essences and the più interesting finishes: from the 26-rsquo; smoked eucalyptus to natural nordic oak, from canaletto walnut to chocolate nordic oak. The decapè flamed oak, l’ natural fir and l’ bleached fir are instead present in the Seta collection, which turns towards a più style; classic albeit without losing altogether l’ modern imprint.

Washbasins, protagonists of the Archeda bathroom

The washbasin, for us, goes far beyond the concepts – always fundamental – of praticità ;, functionalityà and resistance. First of all, they must also be comfortable. Very comfortable. Ed è this is the reason why we design them based on the principles of the 26-rsquo; ergonomics. Secondly, we consider the actual washbasins as furnishing elements.

We produce countertop, built-in and semi-recessed models suitable for any need and preference. We give them shape putting great passion, playing with lines and shapes, così as with colors. Our washbasins become così integral part of the bathroom cabinet, added value, stylistic and qualitative plus. What are you waiting for to discover all the proposals? You will then have l’ spoiled for choice, we are certain.

Complete systems of accessories

We also think about accessories. Perché being the 26-rsquo masters of bathroom furniture also means this, leaving nothing to chance and taking care of every detail. Our compositions include mirrors, spotlights, lamps, stools, trolleys, ladders. We make the proposals, you choose.

And also choose the handles, in case the furniture foresees them; our catalog, of course, è also composed of furniture with throat opening or push& pull. We challenge you to express any desire, even the più bold. We bet we can make it together?

Our philosophy

This è the road we have also traveled in designing the Tulle range, which for°rees; è distinguished by più volumes; slender and slender and with interesting color mixes, which create fascinating contrasts. In the case of Tulle, moreover, we made greater use of white, succeeding and expressing its elegance even with new interpretations.

And then there are the Gola compositions, which capture l’ attention with their shadesà più decided and the series of terminal and faceted elements, our exclusive, that allow to define space-saving and at the same time visually striking compositional solutions. But not è over here.

Care for details and materials

In many cases our woods meet the metallic lacquers and the matt and glossy lacquer – the finishes available are dozens and dozens - whyé we like to devise contrasts of both colors and materials and we like to see, from time to time, l’ effect they make. To offer our customers original, high-impact solutions, immediately recognizable.

Wood and lacquer, then. But these are not the only materials we use for the production of our suspended bathroom furniture: classic laminate and Hpl laminate, melamine, cement resin, glass are added. And by all, we assure you, we bring out the best. To offer it to you. To give you the guarantee of maximum strength, durability, solidityà ;.